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This Blog is a place for me to explore ideas about children's and young adult literature, share writing tips and inspirations, and develop my craft. I write because I am supposed to write. One of my teenage son's friends, Connor, just came over to me as I sat at the dining room table typing away. "Wow," he said, "Isn't it hard to write books? Don't you need a lot of patience?" I thought about it. "No, it's not patience. It's perseverance." To me, those are two distinct things. Patience means I can wait for something to happen. Perseverance means I am actively pursuing something to make it happen. So, this Blog is about persevering in my goals of writing daily, digging deep for ideas, thinking about the process of creating and basically, trying to make sense out of what life throws my way. I realize some things may never make sense, like quantum mechanics, although I read about it hopefully ever since I sat on a plane next to a Theoretical Physics Ph.D. student with long hair and covered in tattoos, who explained the string theory to me in beautiful flowing analogies as we flew cross-country under a midnight sky! Now that is what I'm talking about! Life@its best!

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